dream diary

I'll record every dream I have that I'm able to.

no dates sorry. march29

my dreams have been really idiotic lately.

1. had a dream that putin launched nukes at america and doctor strange teleported everyone out in time before it landed.

2. i had a dream i was a soldier with a m14 fighting maybe natives or zombies in a swamp like area. all of my comrades have died and i almost die but using a technique i learned i use a bit of bamboo or something to breath air while i hide under water. i go down the river as enemy boats go over my head. i go behind a wall of bamboo or grass stalks hiding me from the tribals and i am met with rice farms. there is an odd figure, wearing a mask who looks like they are half dressed in victorian dress and half in japanese royal clothing. standing still they look at me , as i walk past them, there are many women dressed similiarly but less extravigantly doing rice farming. i look down and around my feet are the circling worm trails you find on beaches. at this moment a melancholy washes over me as i know i am dead. i am dead under the water, and i didnt hide.

3. an episode of sonny boy end with a tradional style japanese festival full of wojaks and pepe the frogs, vtubers and other 4chan memes. there are twitch streamers being interviewed, one of them says "normalfades".

4. i went to sleep aroused thinking i'd dream of a harem anime or something but instead it was my uncle visiting me and looking at me with disgust.

5. a mother and son are eating some leftover dinner together in a dark small kitchen and the mom says will you try to go to sleep earlier tonight and the boy says naofumi stays up late and the mother yells you aren't naofumi and she holds her head and sighs. the point of view slowly fades from various images of the kitchen where the shadows of the two move across the walls, sink, fridge, floor, door as they eat silently. fades increasingly quickly between the door handle and other parts of the room, showing the boy's desire to leave.

newest at the bottom from this point


It was obviously inspired by the manga freesia, I was some sort of contracted person to use a gun, and I was a woman. I was like, a part of an envoy of hired people or whatever, there were military type trucks and lots of uniformed people milling around, and we were at some warehouse type place, there were I guess amenities there, as later on in the dream I am in a movie theatre, and there is some guy who's being quite friendly with me, to an unsettling degree, and it turns out he was bringing me to some place without people so he could kill me, some crazy stuff ensues as he misses shooting me in the head, this is the cool part, im hiding behind a corner, and i know he's going to turn it, I've turned out my pockets and there's just random crap, nothing I can use to defend myself but a pin (thumb tack), and then my dream starts getting framed like a manga, obviously inspired by freesia, and as I see his foot just barely reveal itself past the corner i throw the pin and it lands in his eye, in a pretty cool way, well anyway, we were there because godzilla and king kong were also there, and we had some mission to capture them or kill them or something. But it was fun beeing the main character of a matsumoto jiro manga.


There was a rather gigantic waterfall, that fell into a stream which fed into another waterfall, and this repeated further than I could see into a large dark cave opening. There were some people closer to the top than me, and I felt ashamed to be in sight of them. Some situation happened and my dog fell down into the waterfall, and when I caught up to her she tried to bite me.

The region was bright and the water was clear. There were alpine trees and large rocks surrounding this staircase like sequence of waterfalls. It reminds me of a surfing or rocket jump map from team fortress.


dream 1

I'm in a movie theatre and I have a rifle and I am going to commit a mass shooting, I don't remember if I killed anyone, the police come into the building and tell everyone to lie down on the ground. I lie overtop of my gun and hope I don't get found out. I remember the person next to me looking like he was going to tell them about me.

dream 2

I'm in a shopping mall, specifically a clothing store, and there are a group of black teens chasing a dog, trying to kick it to death. During the chase they jump down an escalator, and trample over Gibbontake. He looked hurt but he didn't seem seriously injured.


I'm on an aeroplane that is faced up before launch like a rocket ship with Jerma985. He's telling us about a funny video of Star_ he has that he won't upload for privacy reasons. In it Star_ tells a joke that makes people laugh. The plane takes off but only very briefly, it starts falling to the ground nose down as it's either out of fuel or "turned off". I look through the front plane window and wonder if it will start flying before it hits the ground. It hits the ground I see a flash of white and I wake up.


A very witty pun that I thought I must write down upon waking up in the middle of the night:

"There are more lains than my 2nd avenue house!" (I was surrounded by multiple serial experiment lains in the dream.) (There was more to the joke that I couldn't recall.)


I was eating chocolates, but after having some number of them I noticed that there was a seam in the middle of them, I pulled the two halves apart and there were painkillers inside of them. I worried I would have an overdose.


I was in a swimming room changing room, around there were males and females doing that thing with eachother, a person came up to me and convinced me to commit crime with him. We drive off to meet someone to do business with, police start chasing us, the person we were going to meet does some lupin III stuff in their car, makes them all crash in a big heep and reveals herself as a woman to the head cop(Zenigata in spirit, but not Zenigata). Us three go to a sushi-place, and it ends.


dream 1

I'm on a trip in Germany. I'm wearing too many coats for the weather but I don't feel hot. I stand outside a cafe that has a band performing inside but I don't go in. The singer talks with me but I don't listen to anything he says, and he goes back inside. Some man asks me what butts are, and I tell him that they're cigarettes. He thanks me, and we exchange a little german. I find ********************************************. I cross the street and we meet in a place that has old chairs and curtains. We are sitting as we talk about Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. I say "There's the part where he(kitano) says "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" and it's like "Dude, the movie title!" but then he says it like four more times" and the girl(*****, with ***********************) laughs hard and puts her hand on my leg and leans over so her head is near my legs. I recoil my legs away from her, but it's not noticable. For the whole of this dream my belt hasn't been buckled properly and I've had to pull my trousers up constantly. In this moment I was scared of her seeing my private parts. The dream ends here.

If you write your dreams down every night you die. After this point, I abandon the recording every dream idea. Dreams aren't all meant to be remembered. (11.10.21)


On a coastal town laminated anime cells have come in with the tide, and are half buried in the mucky sand. I go around collecting them. Then I get kicked out of a bookstore, when I was looking around the manga section. I don't remember more. I didn't sleep well.


Some dream sentences:
It doesn't do the dead or the living any good to dwell on the past.
In that moment I returned to narrative prose and lowered my head to solemn effect:"lpoeepooeppeee"
It's like being friends with someone after watching **** and every time they talk having to brace yourself for ******.
It's the type of studio where if the weather seems bad they'll return to port, sell the boat, and use the crew to open up a restaurant.
It's not ok to be mean to any person ever no matter what / It's never ok to be mean to any person for any reason ever

July 28
My dream is that I'm trapped inside a carnage compactor, and this rolling pin is coming closer to me and I try to stop it by wedging wooden planks and bits of trash into the edges at the top and bottom but they just keep breaking, and I end up having to press my back up against the wall, and it presses right up against my stomach and I know if it doesn't stop right now I'm going to die and I try to shape my body so that it shapes around the cylidner, and as soon as it starts crushing my body I wake up.

Oct 8
An underwater team sport where groups of four are split in two and have to beat eachother, as well as there being many other teams in the arena.
We carry swords that have guitar strings that you have to strum to make the sword do things, like you play amajor and the blade retracts or shoots forward or bends left or right. There were also small missiles that you shot from a back mounted launcher. At one point my goggles stopped working, and the water became near impossible to see through without them, the water is clouded and toxic, so you have to keep the gear sealed.


i think it's really possible you aren't supposed to write down dreams. dreams are older than people, and writing isn't something that we do naturally, it comes with civilization. it's likely dreams aren't supposed to be remembered, and there may be negative consequences for doing so.

last night I dreamed about browsing through peoples personal websites, and small imageboards. On a thread of one imageboard, one person wrote This is ocean, and a person below wrote This is earth in response. I think the OP said DESU.


I've been having trouble sleeping. I go under and have these 3 minute dreams and I'm back awake again. It's feverish, my head is always split when I can't take it anymore and decide to get up. I can hear ringing. The dreams are all different, and equally retarded. I say something embarrasing in front of a classmate, I forgot to tie my shoes, I drink from the wrong cup. For all my posturing I do to make myself seem interesting, to myself, my dreams always betray that and show the fetid shallowness of my heart, my insipid true self. I hate dreams, but they're all I have. I let them devour me, and now I can't live outside them anymore. Dreams should have never become synonymous with hopes and ambitions, they're opposites. They're fantasies, but unwanted, so they're phantasms. They haunt, they're a plague, they devour. They're not really there at all, just a bunch of spooks.

I sleep too long, dreams are bad when you oversleep, they become sharp. They make it hard to breathe, make my head feel like a gong. Like the point where two cymballs collide. I start to have dreams of drinking water. I stay in bed still, I let my throat dry some more. I don't decide to get up, I get bullied out by my stomach or my bed sores. I don't see any appeal in moving about, so my body pushes me out. I live in a relationship with my biology, maybe that's what they mean by a man divided. My stomach, my private parts, I don't call the shots, they'll come in and boss me around. They can do what they want, they'll die with me.

It's not that the dead can't move, they just don't want to